3 Types of Fascists

Call them conservatives, neo-Nazis, or neo-fascists.  They're all the same.  They are comprised of three distinct groups, all calling themselves patriots and Christians, just like the Nazis of Germany.

The first, and predominant trouble makers are the elite materialists and self-centered control freaks at the top who want all the power and money for themselves.  They un-patriotically rail against our government and its institutions and programs that are working for the people, because, as the Nazis, their ultimate goal is not to serve the people but to control them.  They employ the devil's tools of innuendo, slander, confusion and blatant lies to achieve their goals.

A second group comes from the bottom of society's barrel with a "storm trooper" mentality.  Also intensely self-centered, they are too lazy or too ignorant to do for themselves, and want to blame others for their material lack.  They blindly follow the leaders who lead them to believe their misfortune is fault of others, thereby justifying their prejudices and hatred.  These are the ones who actually kill and destroy - totally the opposite of how a true Christian would think and act.

The last group stands in the middle of the first two groups.  Like the storm troopers, they are too mentally lazy to accept challenges of deciding what is best for the populace, so they to simply blindly follow their leaders.  Fortunately they are too cowardly to physically kill or destroy.  They do, however, often discourage, denigrate and destroy by use of their vile tongues - all in the name of Christ, who actually condemned such attitudes.

This sums up the type people in the current Republican Party.  Similar attitudes, though, can occasionally be found in a few members of the Democratic party.  For example, it wasn't Republicans that stormed the Democratic Convention in 1968.  As a more recent example, homosexuals are bringing lawsuits against Christian churches to force those churches to hold their marriage ceremonies, even though homosexuality is diabolical to Christianity.  Often they don't really want to be married in a church.  They only want to embarrass Christians with an "I gotcha!"

The most intelligent and acceptable attitude for a stronger society is to respect each person as a human being with differing beliefs and attitudes from your own, excepting when they harm others or their properties.  In other words, I won't step on your toes and you don't step on mine.  If you do step on my toes by slandering or harming me or mine don't expect me not to retaliate - preferably in a lawful manner.


Like Hitler and McCarthy

When there's nothing to dig for, or they run into rock, Republicans try to create dirt out of air.

CDC Warning - Prepare For EBOLA Pandemic!

Recently the CDC warned universities to prepare for Ebola pandemic: http://www.naturalnews.com/046960_Ebola_pandemic_CDC.html

PAY ATTENTION! Those involved in emergency management organizationshave known for years that there is a pandemic on the horizon more devastating than any mankind has ever known, including the black plaquein Europe. The public, though, will not listen to us, because theydon't like to hear scarey things.

It's time you start listening,preparing, and stop expecting the government to do it all for you. YOUare your own best and first line of defense, be it terrorists ordisease. Please Share this everywhere to everyone. The time is growing very short. It's not possible. It's inevitable!


The Myth of the "Liberal Media"

The right-wing noise machine on talk radio and television would like everyone to believe the mainstream media is run by those “awful, America-hating liberals” and that every story is reported from the liberal perspective. The facts are quite different.

In 2007 The Center for American Progress and Free Press released a report titled “The Structural Imbalance of Political Talk Radio”. One of the key findings showed 91% of weekday talk radio programming is conservative.

Outside of perhaps two or three hosts on MSNBC few progressive commentators are household names while the list of nationally known conservatives seems endless. What’s more, there is no progressive equivalent of Fox News.  Fox News, or as some have dis-affectionately dubbed it "Faux Noise", has become an outright propaganda machine for the Republican Party. Unfortunately, it is also the most viewed cable news network today.

The majority of Americans held a progressive point of view until shortly after the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine in the late 1980’s, during the administration of George Bush (#41). Since then conservative ideologists pounced on the opportunity that afforded them to unfairly promote their doctrine.  Aided by the overflowing bank accounts of there supporters they have flourished on the broadcast media, and in much of the printed media, almost without opposition. The lack of opposing views has allowed conservatism to take root and grow dramatically.

The mainstream media is slanted heavily against anyone considered to be the opposition by Republican Party elite and their supporters, This disallows many from hearing the truth in the news they receive. It is, therefore, up to each concerned citizen to help the truth be heard in our daily conversations, regardless of where that truth may fall.


Anti-Corruption Act Needs You

We need to make the Anti-Corruption Act a reality, but can't do it without citizens joining together.  You can help by telling your members of Congress.


Repugnants Self-Dillusioned

Repugnants are such self-serving frauds:
* Talking brave but bowing to paranoia;
* Talking patriotism, but promoting legislation that hurts our economy;
* Blaming their faults and failures on someone else;
* Talking sooooo intelligent, but seldom objectively considering the facts;
* Always claiming to help small business, but the only benefit small business gets from their policies is what dribbles down from mega-buck corporations for whom those policies were actually written;
* Talking Christian, but rarely, if ever, actually caring about 'the poor, the infirmed, the aged', or caring for the orphans and widowed. Absolutely NEVER 'loving their neighbors', much less 'loving their enemies';
* Demanding a strong and large military - so they can find a war and make billions for their industrial contributors;
* Talk about caring for and including all citizens, but do their utmost through deceit and manipulation to disenfranchise those who offer nothing to the Repugnant Party.

Do you support continued growth instead of going backwards?  Then go ahead and link to this, and send it out to others who want a future instead of returning to the past.


Was Biden Rude?

Short answer, NO.  I think we've all smirked or openly laughed at someone when their comments were ludicrous.  Ryan's comments were predominantly misleading or false.  Some half truths, but more than two-thirds of Ryan's comments in the debate (69%) were blatantly false according to various fact finding organizations.